Toilet Paper & the American Manufacturing Renaissance

As markets change and economists discuss threats of recessions, rising interest rates, and other factors that deeply impact investors and property owners, one thing remains clear: there is a global shift occurring, and America is leading its own effort in a modern manufacturing renaissance.

The article below highlights the reshoring of manufacturing to America, and illustrates what occurred to initiate this tectonic paradigm shift and what is likely to occur over the coming months and years. “This is a highly informative read.” The question remains: how do investors and landowners benefit from this new American Renaissance?

SVN Wilson Commercial Group, along with our national SVN network have a deep knowledge of land and land development. We consult with our clients on issues ranging from redevelopment and rezoning, to ground up construction, land planning and entitlements. Development projects tend to be complex and costly. We work to drive value by simplifying goals, leveraging resources and relationships, and developing opportunity for market investors and development companies.

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