2023 Featured Closings

We take immense pride in sharing the remarkable success and achievements that have defined our journey throughout 2023. From surpassing $30 million in sales to earning prestigious industry accolades, this year has been nothing short of exceptional for our team.

Key Highlights of 2023

  1. Exceeding Sales Milestone: In 2023, SVN Wilson soared beyond expectations, achieving over $30 million in sales. This accomplishment not only reflects the financial success but, more importantly, underscores the trust and confidence our clients place in our services. It is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional results.
  2. National Recognition as Top 25 SVN Advisor: Earning recognition as a top 25 SVN advisor at the national level is a source of immense pride for SVN Wilson. This acknowledgment positions us as industry leaders on a grand scale, showcasing our dedication to excellence and our ability to navigate the complexities of the commercial real estate landscape on a national level.
  3. Top Ohio Commercial Brokerage Award: Receiving the prestigious Top Ohio Commercial Brokerage Award is a crowning achievement for SVN Wilson in 2023. This honor not only highlights our commitment to excellence but also acknowledges our significant contributions to the dynamic commercial real estate sector in Ohio.

Featured Closings

SVN Wilson’s success story in 2023 is not just about numbers; it’s about the impactful closings that demonstrate our expertise in various real estate markets. Here are some featured closings that exemplify our proficiency:

  • Wellington Woods Apartments – Reynoldsburg, Ohio: This closing showcases our mastery in navigating the real estate market in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. It reflects our ability to facilitate successful transactions, meeting the needs of both buyers and sellers and contributing to the vibrancy of the local community.
  • Columbus Self Storage – Columbus, Ohio: The Columbus Self Storage closing highlights our adeptness in handling commercial properties aligned with the evolving needs of the market in Columbus, Ohio. It’s a testament to our strategic approach and adaptability in a dynamic real estate environment.
  • East Gates Townhomes – Columbus, Ohio: Our success in the closing of East Gates Townhomes demonstrates our understanding of the unique demands in the residential real estate market in Columbus, Ohio. This transaction showcases our ability to deliver successful outcomes, meeting the specific needs of homebuyers in the region.
  • Copper Safe Storage – Flint, MI: Venturing beyond Ohio, the Copper Safe Storage closing in Flint, MI, underlines our capability to operate successfully in diverse regions. This transaction emphasizes our commitment to providing excellent services beyond state borders, further solidifying SVN Wilson as a trusted name in the broader real estate landscape.

Beyond 2023

As we reflect on the triumphs of 2023, SVN Wilson remains dedicated to excellence, innovation, and unwavering client satisfaction. Looking forward, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and we are confident that SVN Wilson will continue to set new standards in the commercial real estate industry!

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Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson is Managing Director of SVN Wilson Commercial Group, LLC, and a 32 year veteran in Commercial Real Estate. His experience includes investment sales, leasing, and property management. Doug is a Class of 2020 Midwest Real Estate Hall of Fame, as well as a three-time Partner Circle Award Winner, this is the highest award SVN gives to its agents.

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4200 Regent Street, Suite 200
Columbus, OH  43219
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2023 Featured Closings

We take immense pride in sharing the remarkable success and achievements that have defined our journey throughout 2023. From surpassing $30 million in sales to

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